Rest assured you are in safe hands, I have been waxing for over 26 years and have attended various extra courses throughout my career to keep up to date with the latest waxing trends. I have been personally trained by Kim Lawless (the wax queen) in her unique Brazilian technique, which I think is by far the speediest and best wax to do a Brailian yet. I specialise in female intimate waxing using only the best wax for a near as possible pain free and quick Brazilian.

Hygiene is very high on my list of priorities, I never double dip my spatulas, always wear gloves and use a new bin liner for every treatment, after all who wants to look at someone else’s pubes poking out the bin.

Hollywood/Brazilian – £30

All hair is removed including the buttocks and crack. You may choose whether to leave a small strip on the the pubic mound or not, the choice is yours.

G-String – £25

Not quite ready to remove all your hair? This is the perfect shape if you like to leave a little in the front but be neat and tidy everywhere else. As with the Brazilian all hair is removed from the buttocks and crack. On the front you’ll have a neat triangle that starts on the pubic mound approx. 5cm across and gradually tapers to a point, approx. 1.5cm as it reaches your bum cheeks.

Thong – £20

This is the perfect choice if you prefer not to remove hair from your crack but don’t want to be left with those pesky hairs that creep outside your thong or high leg bikini. Hair is removed from the buttock cheeks and tidied up across the lower abdomen/ top of the pubic mound. A medium thin strip is left from the top of the pubic mound, remaining the same width, all the way down to the buttocks.

High Leg – £15

The hair is taken from the front and sides in line with wearing high leg knickers, but the middle and back are left alone.

Natural Bikini – £10

A neat upside down triangle that tidies up around the edges, perfect is you prefer the natural look but with a bit more definition. Any hair that is peeking out from a modest knicker line is removed. This is perfect is you’re a first time waxer.

*add lower legs and underarms with any bikini wax for only £20, saving you £8!

Underarms – £10

Actually not as painfull as you may think it is, I only use hot wax to remove underarm hair.

Lower leg – £18

Including knees, feet and toes.

Thigh – £22

Including knees, feet and toes.

Full leg – £29

Including fee and toes.

Back of thigh – £12

Eyebrows – £9

Lip – £9

Chin – £10

Lip and Chin – £12 (save £7)