Wellness - woman receiving head or face massage in spaRejuvanessence releases tension in the 91 muscles of your face, neck, skull and shoulders. It also works on your connective tissue to make it  more elastic and flexible and enable your skin to gain back youthfulness from your younger days.

Skin has two layers, the epidermis and the dermis, and stress and tension cause these layers to tighten around the blood vessels and lymph glands. This means that the flow of the nutrients and the oxygen is depleted and the waste products build up in the cells causing a lack lustre complexion. The face becomes drawn and tight, ageing sets in and lines begin to form.

Rejuvanessence lifts up your face by gently helping to release the tightened tissues. Skin regains its flexibility and you face looks open and relaxed, smoother, younger and happier. As the course of treatment progresses and we work on the deeper layers of the muscles, then lines and wrinkles begin to deminish and the skin tone is firmed and improved. As well as looking younger, you may have a real sense of well-being, feel invigorated and rejuvenated.

Tense muscles have bad circulation which blocks energy paths causing tension, pain and discomfort. Rejuvanessence also works on your acupuncture points and meridians to release this blocked energy thus relieving headache, jaw, neck and shoulder pain. The energy in the body is balanced, the nervous system fine tuned and harmony of body and mind is restored.

A course of Rejuvanessence treatment comprises of six sessions of one hour, each working on different groups of connective tissues and muscles. It is a gentle, pleasant, safe and loving treatment that brings positive results.

Treatments are recommended ideally twice a week over 3 weeks or one per week over 6 weeks.

Your first treatment includes a full consultation where we will look at any diet and lifestyle choices that have an adverse effect of your skin.