Face The World

FTW Facial LadyFace The World is a unique, holistic facial experience designed to nourish your skin and enlighten your soul.  You will be taken on a blissful sensory voyage around the world, travelling to four different countries where the music, aromas, techniques, temperatures and textures represent each country visited.

Rain Forest Cleanse – Your journey starts with a deep cleanse and tone where you will float through the lush canopy of a tropical rainforest. Feel all your tensions melt away whilst the beautiful birdsong and haunting pipes carry you to a forest waterfall.  Experience the ultimate deep cleanse using soothing fluid massage movements, cooling lotions and refreshing aromas of peppermint, orange flower and galbanum. All the daily pollutants are lifted from your skin.

Australian Exfoliation – The deep vibrations of Aboriginal music provide food for the spirit as the rejuvenating aromas of eucalyptus, tonka bean and bergamot clarify and calm your mind. Our natural facial scrub is gently smoothed over your skin with soft featherlike swirls to cleanse and refine to a deeper level, removing skin debris and toxins and leaving your skin feeling soft, supple and receptive to be loaded with nutrients and goodness during the second phase of the journey.

Tibetan Massage – Soaring over the mountains and monasteries of Tibet, we harness the knowledge of the Eastern ancients in this balancing facial pressure point massage that works on the Chakras throughout your whole body. Move into deeper realms of relaxation whilst your facial lymphatic system is purified and we treat you to a neck and shoulder massage. Lie back and enjoy the heady aromas of patchouli and nutmeg as your skin is transformed in our hands.

Ocean Rain Skin Drench Mask and Indian Head Massage – There’s little that can be as simple, beautiful and uplifting as the sound of rain and crashing waves.  As the raindrops patter onto your skin via the expert fingertips of your therapist, rest assured that each drop is packed with vitamins, minerals and cutting edge nutrients. Then float away on the ocean waves whilst being further indulged with a complimentary Indian Head Massage.

South African Moisturise – You head home over the grand safari plains of South Africa, truely enlightened by the powerful, soul stirring native choral singing and sweet aromas of local violets and rambling rose. Gentle cosseting sweeps will deliver all the final ingredients and moisture your skin can hold to maintain youthfulness and well-being.